Exam Date: Sep. 28, 2017
Reg. Deadline: June 15, 2017
Course Outlines
Natonal Winner 2016
Class Winner 2016


The Mission of the GSEA is to create a competional environment n Pakistan in the field of Education through specialized programs for students with diverse learning styles that embodies the values of integrity & equality.

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All activities of the GSEA invariably aim at making learning an interesting and interactive process in which the learner is actually able to put his / her skills, memory, talent and knowledge to test.

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To inspire and contribute to education and well-being by providing the best problems in fields of education to improve confidence in the field of education and research

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About Us

GSEA is a Registered Not-For-Profit Organization popularizing competitions environment among School/College childrens in the disciplines of Computer , Science, Mathematics and English subjects.

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